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Women need fuel

Updated: Jun 21

The craze of having abs that you can show off on social media has really taken off.

To achieve that look you really have to dial down on your nutrition, which usually means eating fewer calories then you are expending. When this 'calorie deficit' is achieved, then weight is lost, and you become leaner.

For women, these low levels of body fat can come at a price. When you 'underfuel' your body, it has to make a choice, and that usually means down regulating certain functions.

In a woman this can lead to you menstrual cycle being hit hard and your Estradiol levels dropping. This may not seem like such a big deal; your periods stop, but that is only the bit you can see. The issues you cant see include side effects such as diminished bone strength and an increase in your cardiovascular disease risk.

For optimal health, your nutrition plan should include an abundance of vegetables, some fruit, wholegrains and sufficient protein for growth and repair (see a blog post about this here )

You can still achieve an incredible physique, it just take a little time and care.

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