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Female weight loss made easy. 3 tips that don't require a gym

If the thought of spending hours in the gym just to lose a few pounds fills you with dread, then I have some good news for you

If you are lucky enough to have access to a gym, then use your time there to lift weights, which will make you stronger and in turn will improve your physique. You can lose weight in the gym, but your time there will be more beneficial if you focus on building skills and strength rather then focussing wholly on weight loss.

Weight loss is down to a 'Calorie Deficit', ie. eating fewer calories than you burn. (If you are unsure of how many calories YOU need then watch my video HERE)

3 easy ways to change your calorie in/out ratio are:


Vastly underrated way of burning calories. No matter how many steps you do now, increase your step count by 30 minutes a day. An easy way to burn an extra 200-300 calories a day


If your diet contains ultra processed food, you are more likely to consume more calories than those whose diets are less processed. Drop the cakes and cookies and focus on fruit, vegetables and lean sources of protein.


Getting 8 hours of quality sleep can help reduce your daily intake by upto 500 calories. This over the space of a week could lead to one pound of weight loss. Easy!

There you have my 3 top non gym based tips for weight loss. If you think you require more help then fill in THIS form and I will be in touch

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