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"Your HEALTH is a factor of the cumulative affects of YOUR long term dietary decisions"

We live in an obesogenic society, one where it has never been easier to obtain food. We can sit in a chair and have food delivered direct to your door. This can and does lead to poor food choices, which in turn can lead to poor health.

There is a direct link between many western ailments and our food intake. This is where my nutrition consultation service will help

Weight Loss. Fat Loss. To feel Fitter, to feel stronger. Maybe you have a medical condition, PCOS, Type 2 diabetes or a high cholesterol level?

All these can be greatly helped by having a sound nutrition plan in place.

My nutritional consultations are a comprehensive "Nutrition MOT".

I discuss with you, your current dietary practices, your previous attempts to improve your health and appearance, and where you are now. From this I will produce a dietary strategy that taking into consideration your lifestyle and all the above factors, will give you the correct tools and knowledge to improve all aspects of your health and fitness. I explain how what you eat impacts your health and what you could modify and improve within your current diet to put you in a position of success.

The way you felt yesterday, the way you feel today, the way you will feel tomorrow - ALL of this is massively affected by your food intake.

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