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"Successful companies are the ones that realise, investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff is one of the most important investments they can make. Without a healthy workforce you have no business"

With more and more companies investing in the health of their workforce, nutrition talks are at the forefront of helping staff understand the impact food can have on lifestyle and productivity.


Companies including POKERSTARS, SQUIRE PATTON BOGGS, WALKER MORRIS and CLARION have all asked for nutrition presentations to be delivered to their staff.

These talks, presented by myself, a qualified nutritionist, are an informative and interactive look at health.

Delving into nutrition myths, healthy populations and more specific food topics, these talks will leave your staff with new found knowledge and action points they can implement immediately.

For more information on how these can help your company, please fill out the form below.

Client Testimonials

"Best one yet. Liked the quizzes and questions as we went through. Much more interactive."

"Overall I thought it was excellent. It was broken down in a clear, concise and informative manner which is really helpful when focusing on this particular subject. Charles’ delivery was great, you could feel the energy and passion he has on Nutrition. I thought I had a good knowledge of nutrition already going into it, yet I found myself learning quite a bit. Would highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in the subject"

"I thought it was great and pitched at the right level. He came across really well and I think people liked being able to ask him the questions and be interactive"

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