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How to build muscle as a female

Updated: Jun 8

If you’re going to the gym with the aim of changing your shape, then you’ll know already that you have to build some muscle. The issue women have is that, due to their hormones, they won’t find this as easy as their male counterparts. In today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing some tips so that you can build muscle as a female.

My Four Hacks for Building Muscle as a Female

Sometimes knowing what to change about what you’re eating and how you’re moving your body to achieve a specific goal can be challenging. To make it easier, here are four simple hacks that you can use to help to improve your gains and optimise your results from hard work in the gym:

  1. Lift Weights

It sounds obvious, I know, but I don’t mean that you should hide in the corner with a set of 3kg dumbbells. When you’re trying to build muscle as a female, you need to focus on getting stronger in the big compound moves. Think squats, deadlifts, rows, shoulder press, bench press and chin ups. Strive to add extra weight to the bar regularly, pushing yourself further, or increase the number of reps.

Your body needs a reason to adapt (grow) and the stimulus provided by a sensible lifting programme is what will deliver those results.

  1. Spend Time Recovering

As mentioned above, your body needs to adapt to your training regime and it’s going to take time for it to do that. When you’re trying to build muscle, rest days are going to be just as important to you as training days. 

Try to find a pattern that works for you.

  1. Focus on Your Nutrition

It’s all too easy to overlook your nutrition when you’re training regularly in the gym and doing everything right in there. If your aim is to build muscle, your nutrition needs to be on point.

Start by setting your calories at approximately 10% above maintenance (if you’re not sure how to work this out, I can help) and make sure that you’re consuming sufficient amounts of protein. This will be around 1.6 - 2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight per day. 

If you’re struggling with this and feel that you need some nutritional support, then

click here to access my nutrition coaching enquiry form and tell me about yourself and your goals.

  1. Take the Right Supplements

If you’re looking for supplements, I would recommend sticking to those with a good track record. You’re going to benefit most from the introduction of Vitamin D, Creatine and Omega 3, but try not to fall into the trap of products claiming to offer miraculous results as they just don’t reflect reality.

Your Muscle Building Journey

Muscle building is a slow affair. One that requires a good degree of discipline in terms of both training and nutrition. A sound plan in both areas is essential to your success.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your ideal physique. BUT it will be worth it.

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