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Upper Body Muscle Building Workout

This workout is a staple in my current schedule.

Because my time is limited I have to pick the biggest 'bang for my buck exercises'

Here I have included 4 exercises which I have split into 2 SUPERSETS

The first pair of exercises is;

1 - High Incline pin press

2 - Band assisted chin ups

These 2 exercises work the shoulders, back and arms using a vertical push/pull action

The second pair of exercises are;

1 - Low incline dumbbell chest press

2 - Chest supported dumbbell row

These 2 exercises work the chest, back shoulders and arm also

After 1 warm up set of each exercise I perform 3 working sets of each exercise. The aim is to make regular progressions (maybe every couple of weeks)

It's a very simple workout, which takes no more than 45 mins.

Obviously muscle gain and fat loss is not an overnight process, and to actually see some results I would probably do this twice a week for 8 to 12 weeks along with a calorie intake relevant to my goals (muscle gain/fat loss)

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